TCACCI_logohe Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CACCI) is a regional grouping of apex national chambers of commerce and industry, business associations and business enterprises in Asia and the Western Pacific.

It is a non-governmental organization serving as a forum for promoting the vital role of businessmen in the region, increasing regional business interaction, and enhancing regional economic growth. Since its establishment in 1966, CACCI has grown into a network of national chambers of commerce with a total now of 28 Primary Members from 26 countries or independent economies. It cuts across national boundaries to link businessmen and promote economic growth throughout the Asia-Pacific region. CACCI is a non-governmental organization (NGO) granted consultative status, Roster category, under the United Nations. It is a member of the Conference on NGOs (CoNGO), an association of NGOs with UN consultative status.

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Picture1[1]The IATSS Forum is an international training institute established in 1985 that aims to bring out the best qualities in individuals who will one day become future leaders in the ASEAN region. The IATSS Forum was established with private funds from Soichiro Honda, founder of Honda Motor Co., Ltd and his business partner, Takeo Fujisawa. In September 1985, the First IATSS Forum program was held with participants from Malaysia.

The IATSS Forum provides a place where young professionals can gather. Inviting young and outstanding individuals from respective ASEAN countries, the Forum provides opportunities for participants to understand each others’ countries through seminars, field studies, group study, and cultural exchanges, as well as to make efforts to solve current issues in the ASEAN region and Japan, under the motto “Thinking and Learning Together.”

The Forum Program is prepared by the IATSS Forum Program Committee, which is comprised of intellectuals from various circles. The issues to be taken up change each time, depending on the demands of the times. Inviting top-class lecturers from academic societies and business circles, participants will be able to improve their leadership capacity while learning liberal arts, rather than conducting deep research in specific fields.

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