Our team is comprised of talented and self-driven individuals. Whether you are coming from university, business school or industry, The GA Group offers the best practical business experience there is. The platform of exposure at the GA Group is truly unique; we work closely with UN agencies, government organisations and statuary boards, organise high-level business summits and conferences and also provide consultancy service to our clients in Singapore and abroad. At the GA Group, your teammates’ collaborative approach and drive to succeed will encourage you to strive to reach your best potential.


The GA Group deal with its global partners on a daily basis. We organise delegation visits and summits across the Asia Pacific theatre. Chances are that you will be interacting with your colleagues across the world. Based on your role and employment capacity in the company, you may also get the chance to travel to different operating countries; experience new cultures and develop your skills further.


We look for highly motivated individuals who have worked or lived in Asia for some time, with strong analytical and interpersonal skills to join our Southeast Asia team and contribute to building our success. In addition to English, fluency in at least one Southeast Asian language is preferred but not required. Successful candidates will have demonstrated sustained high performance in professional and academic settings and possess intellectual curiosity, a strong work ethic and excellent team and leadership skills.

If you are interested in a position at the GA group, kindly email your CV and cover letter to hrd@gagrp.com

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